Examples and a case study


    Examples of some on-the-line achievements

This page has examples of a small selection of grocery trade communications projects.

As they say the proof of the pudding, most are simply examples of product launch communications, though some are of a corporate nature.

At the bottom of the page there is an example of a case study for the launch and subsequent brand extension of Cadbury Highlights biscuits.

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Burton's Foods

Britain's second-biggest biscuit
manufacturer has some great  brands, Cadbury biscuits, Jammie Dodgers, Maryland Cookies and Wagon Wheels to name a but few.
The Grocer interviews Paul Kitchener Chief Executive of Burton's Foods  Jammie Dodgers and Shape Solo - Cash & Carry Mangement May 2005  Jammie Dodger two new variants Vimto and Vanilla Thriller  The Grocer August 6 2005 Cadbury Jaffa Cakes  Viscount Minis The Grocer March 26 2005
Danone Dairy

Some of the fastest growing grocery brands in the UK including Actimel, Activia and Shape.
The Grocer Dairyman supplement September 2005  Danone Adtivia Fibre - The Grocer August 20 2005  An article about Danone and the independent sector from Convenience Store June 3  The Grocer Healthy Options supplement July 25 2005  Launch of Actimel Strawberry 0.1% fat The Grocer April 16 2005  Danacol links up with the British Heart Foundation The Grocer April 30 2005  Launch of Danone Shape Solo The Grocer March 26
Leaf United Kingdom

Manufacturers of Chewits and Malaco kid's confectionery brands, I had to hit the ground running with this one as on-the-line started on April Fool's Day this year and a re-launch of Chewits had to be done in just two weeks, some results below.
The Grocer interview with Tony Camp MD of Leaf UK  Chewits Relaunch The Grocer April 30 2005  Retail Newsagent coverage of the Chewits relaunch  Chewits relaunch Retail Express May 11 2005  Chewits relaunch Forecourt Trader May 2005  Chewits relaunch May 6 2005  Vimto The Grocer June 25 2005  Malaco Cash & Carry Management September 2005 
Trigon Snacks

Planters and Big D nuts brands.

Planters The Grocer May 28 2005  The Grocer Snacks supplement September 2005  Planters in Pro Wholesaler July 2005  Planters Independent Retail News June 10 2005  Planters in Cash & Carry Management June 2005  A give-away in Independent Retail News December 2004
Zig Zag

An international rolling paper brand which was introduced to the UK in 1998, initially the target was to sell 6m booklets per year. Current sales rapidly grew to 110m per year. The company directors say that the trade press coverage achieved was critical to this success as it meant that trade buyers and independent retailers took them seriously

Retail Newsagent tobacco feature October 2005  Zig Zag Cash & Carry Management August 2005  Zig Zag and Burton's Foods Bushtucker on the same page in Pro Wholesaler December 2004  Zig Zag giveaway in Retail Express May 2004  Zig Zag product launch The Grocer May 2004  Zig Zag giveaway in Independent Retail News December 2004 
A case study - the launch of Cadbury Highlights biscuits

Cadbury Highlights were a landmark launch for Burton's Foods, it was their first foray into the 'better for you' biscuits sector. Brand manger, Julia Monoyouids emphasised the importance that trade press coverage would be to the success of the launch.

I have not gone into too much detail of the strategy behind phase one and two of the launch, nevertheless there was a coherent plan which was adhered to in order to achieve the results documented below.

Phase one

Initially Cadbury Highlights would only be available to the multiples in February 2005 , so editorial and advertising were directed exclusively towards The Grocer and MBR (Multiple Buyer & Retailer).

The editorial coverage achieved for phase one of the launch is below.

The Grocer Cadbury Highlights December 18.2004  The Grocer Cadbury Highlights January 8 2005  Cadbury Highlights - Multiple Buyer & Retailer January 2005  Cadbury Highlights update The Grocer April 30 
A trade advertising campaign ran in The Grocer and MBR to back the trade launch.
Three advertisements ran in The Grocer and two in MBR in January and February.

To give the brand even more leverage in the trade a four page 'New Product Profile' was published in The Grocer in February 2005.

Cadbury Highlights Grocer supplement March 2005  Cadbury Highlights trade advertisment  Cadbury Highlights new product profile The Grocer February 2005


Phase Two

Two new products Cadbury Highlights Nibbles and Cadbury Highlights Delights were launched in September 2005, though there was no advertising budget this time round, the opportunities for editorial coverage were much broader as the brand is now available in the convenience sector through cash & carries and delivered wholesale. Once again the results can be seen below.

Cadbury Highlights The Grocer August 27 2005  Cadbury Highlights The Grocer September 3rd 2005  Cadbury Highlights Retail Newsagent September 2 2005  Retail Express_September 2005  Retail Express September 2001 X 2Cadbury Highlights Independent Retail News September 30 2005  Cadbury Highlights Convenience Store October 6 2005  Pro Wholesaler Cadbury Highlights October 2005  Cash & Carry Management October 2005  The Grocer cakes & biscuits feature October 28 2005 Cadbury Highlights Retail Newsagent Jan 6 2006






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